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The Launch Files Part 4: Scientific Mindset May 10, 2021

Are you treating your launches more like a math problem than a science experiment? If you feel like your launches are a problem you can’t seem to solve, you don’t want to miss this. Scaling your launches is not a matter of A+B=C, and in today’s episode I am sharing how to start looking at your launches like a scientist.


  • How I started looking at my launches like a scientist
  • The belief about launching...
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10 REAL Things Every Course Creator Needs To Know podcast May 10, 2021

I have taken all of the lessons I've learned over the years and compiled them into a list of the 10 things that every course creator needs to know.

When I started my business, my first course was a mess. Looking back at it now, I put together my course in a way that even I had no idea why. There were no bonuses, no intention, no real container. And I launched it in just three days. It was just a pure hot mess.

But I learned a ton in that process. I was able to tweak many things in that...

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How I 6x’d my launch revenue in one launch podcast May 10, 2021

Today I am walking you through one of my favorite processes, the Launch Debrief. I am sharing all the behind-the-scenes numbers and lessons from my $47K launch.

If there are two things I love in business, it’s transparency and numbers.

A lot of people share how they had a 100k launch. We’ve heard a lot of the “5-figure launch”. But most of them were just vague statements. They had it on sugar-coated and too-broad-of-a-concept tips and strategies.

They lack the details...

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How I Started a Multiple 6 Figure Course Business podcast May 10, 2021

Two years ago, I had a crazy idea— and that idea turned into a multiple 6-figure online course business. Discover how I started and grew my business to where it is today!

Two years ago, my husband and I went through some really difficult times. He lost his job and we ended up having to file for mortgage assistance. But, instead of letting our circumstances bring me down, I took a deep breath and said, “I think this is the best thing that will ever happen to us” – and I...

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The Launch Files Part 3: Scalability May 04, 2021

If launching feels like you are just throwing spaghetti at the wall, you don’t want to miss today’s episode. In part 3 of the Launch Files series, I am digging into launch strategy. You don’t want to miss it.


  • How Launching is a Science not an Art
  • Why what you are currently doing is never going to create consistent results
  • How to build a scalable asset that you can launch again and again

I just...

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