We've been online a loonnggg time.

Like a long long time. Before online courses were even really a thing.

And it's because our expertise and experience transcends the "industry" that we can zoom out and see the bigger picture.

Hey! I'm Jess!

The founder of Quantum Course Creator and host of the Quantum Course Creator Podcast!

I grew up always knowing I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I come from a long line of business owners, free spirits, and badass women.

 for real tho- my great grandmother used to race indie cars in 1956. 

So challenging the status quo runs in my blood. And in middle school, I took my love of diary writing on the World Wide Web with my first blog, on Live journal.

I realized at a young age the value of forming a community of people online, and in 2011 I grew my blog (a different one) to over 100K pageviews per month and a base of loyal readers and followers.

I parlayed that blog into a coaching business that grew by selling monthly coaching groups, and ultimately started teaching other coaches how to sell out their coaching groups too.

In January 2019, Quantum Course Creator was born. And now we have helped 1000+ coaches and course creators grow and serve their audiences with a signature course.