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How I 6x’d my launch revenue in one launch

podcast May 10, 2021

Today I am walking you through one of my favorite processes, the Launch Debrief. I am sharing all the behind-the-scenes numbers and lessons from my $47K launch.

If there are two things I love in business, it’s transparency and numbers.

A lot of people share how they had a 100k launch. We’ve heard a lot of the “5-figure launch”. But most of them were just vague statements. They had it on sugar-coated and too-broad-of-a-concept tips and strategies.

They lack the details and numbers. Or, they don’t actually intend to share them with you… at all.

I know how important it is to see numbers. It is my goal to break down the stigma and let you see the real numbers. So, I’m going to share how I increased my launch revenue by 6 times in one shot.


The Launch Strategy

My strategy for this launch was a simple 5-day challenge. This is the same strategy I used in the past.

I went live for 5 days in my free Facebook group, along with follow-up emails and an added component. I promoted the launch for 6 weeks.

Then, I built my list using a high-converting lead magnet funnel. I brought my leads into a challenge opt-in, then into the launch.

Now, you wonder. If I was just doing the rinse and repeat, how can it be any different and special?

Well, here’s what I did:

  • I leveled up my challenge.
  • I added a tripwire offer to my opt-in.
  • I executed the launch flawlessly.


The Numbers

Out of 3,500 contacts in my list, 1,154 people opted into the Launch specifically.

I spent $1,311 to run Facebook ads and did a tripwire offer for my challenge opt-in with a Challenge VIP of $29. This had 76 sales or a 6.59% conversion rate, with $2204 revenue.

After a 5-day free challenge, I had a 5-day cart open. I now have a total of 130 new students. My earnings per lead for this launch was $40.69, up by $15 per lead from the last launch.

These numbers are what you need to do to scale. When you know how much a lead costs you, and how much they can earn you, you can run more people through a machine and make more money.


The Lessons

Price objections are a limiting belief. In the 2019 launch, I was worried about the price. I had just raised it, and a lot of people couldn’t afford it. My confidence in the 2020 price meant I had way fewer people who said they couldn’t afford it, and I was able to move past it.

That is just one of the lessons I learned along the way.

I got more in-depth into the strategies, numbers, and lessons on my podcast. Listen to the full episode here. Expect true transparency, honest details and figures, and no-sugarcoat tips and strategies.

Stay tuned and don’t miss any of my podcast episodes!