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Is your offer ready to scale? Listen to find out Jul 12, 2021

Are you looking to scale your launches to six figures and beyond this year? I’m going to break down scalability, and how to scale your offers as well as how to know if you are ready to scale. If you want to take your launch from struggle to scale, you’re not going to want to miss this episode!


  • How you’ll know when you’re ready to scale.
  • Why your signature offer isn’t scalable.
  • What a launch...
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When to abandon your launch goals Jul 05, 2021

If you have ever been disappointed by the outcome of your launch, you need to listen up. On today’s episode, I am sharing the difference between setting launch goals and launch expectations. If you’ve ever walked away from a launch feeling disappointed and wondering if it’s time to throw in the towel, this episode is for you.


  • How to know when it’s time to move the goalposts.
  • Why your launch goals...
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How I Made 6 Figures in my First Year by Doing Less with James Wedmore Jun 28, 2021

When I set out to make $100,000 in my first 12 months of business, I did one thing that took me from frustrated burnt out and struggling to actually being able to hit that goal. On today’s episode I’m sitting down with, you guessed it, my mentor James Wedmore. On his podcast, the mind your business podcast. To tell you exactly what I did to hit 100k in my business by actually doing less.


  • Why you need to...
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The Simple Mistake That Cost Me $51,000 Jun 23, 2021

This lesson was not necessarily the easiest one to learn. Frankly, I think the most important lesson you can learn from your business is the ones with a little pain. And that's exactly what I learned from this lesson.

How I Recommend Most People Run a Funnel

Start a launch with a lead magnet that builds and qualifies your audience. You move people through into your launch mechanism from the lead magnet. Here, my launch mechanism was a video series. I found that 85% of the people who opted...

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The Future of Online Content Creation Jun 23, 2021

Are you struggling with creating content in your business that feels completely unheard of by your ideal client? If you are ready to create content that will attract ideal customers and make you a thought leader in your space, stay tuned. After launching dozens of courses on Revenue Online and generating over six figures, I have learned the right and wrong ways to start online courses.

Understanding How to Create Effective Content

What makes you stand out is through good messaging. It also...

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