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3 Lessons I've Learned as a 2nd Generation Entrepreneur Mar 23, 2021

I think we all can agree we learn a lot from our parents, for better or for worse.

And growing up with an entrepreneur father, I learned a lot about life AND business that I still take with me to this day.

On today’s episode, I am sharing the 3 biggest lessons I learned from being a second generation entrepreneur, and how they have made an impact on my business today.


  • How I was taught to look at opportunities...
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Avoiding Subconscious Launch Sabotage with Gaby Abrams Mar 16, 2021

Are you subconsciously sabotaging your own launches?

You might not even realize that you could be the thing holding you back from having the launch success you desire! I didn’t realize I was, until I took a step back and really paid attention to what was coming up during my launches!

Today on the podcast, I sit down with my friend and Rapid Transformation Business Coach Gaby Abrams to talk all about how your subconscious beliefs could be showing up in your launches, and...

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Is your content sabotaging your launches? Mar 09, 2021

If you are launching to crickets, or still feeling like the right people aren’t coming into your launches, your content might be to blame.

Having aligned messaging is crucial to attracting the right audience into your launches, and converting them into paying customers.

On today’s episode, I share the 3 biggest mistakes you are likely making with your launch content, and how to fix them.


  • The most...
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The 3 types of content you should be creating Mar 02, 2021

Content creation is a part of business you can’t avoid, like doing your taxes.

And most people are leaving money on the table with their marketing by only creating one kind of content.

In today’s ep I am going to share the 3 types of content you should be creating in your business to make more sales.


  • If you are creating content like an influencer or like a business
  • How your instagram is like the line for...
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How to attract your ideal clients Feb 04, 2021

Ever wonder why you're attracted to certain people and then absolutely repelled by others?

It's because they've taken a stand for something they believe in.

And whether or not you believe in the same thing will be what attracts you to them.

The same goes for you and your business.

By taking a stand, you're creating polarizing content by standing firm in your belief of something.

I feel like I can say that six times, but you're really making your content take a stand for the change that you...

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