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Empowered Enrollment with Sales Calls with Jen Casey Nov 08, 2021

When you think of sales calls- what comes to mind? Is it “exciting empowered experience enrolling your dream clients”? Or is it “dread, yuck vibes, and the deep desire to AVOID doing them”? If you are like I was, it’s the second. And based on all the Anti Sales Call rhetoric around right now, you are not alone. But today I am sitting down with my mentor Jen Casey, and flipping the script on Sales Calls.

Jen Casey is a brain-based business...

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The Scientific Method of Launching ™ Nov 04, 2021
 What did your 7th-grade science teacher teach you about Launching? In today’s episode, I am breaking down my signature method of launching, following the Scientific Method!

In today’s episode you’ll learn:

  • The key pieces of launching that most gurus completely skip
  • How to set up your launch experiment in a way that gets results
  • Why what you do after your launch is crucial to long term success
  • How to radically change your business in the next 12 months!
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The 3 things blocking you from Launch Success Nov 03, 2021

Are you subconsciously blocking yourself from having profitable aligned launches? In today’s episode, we are on day 2 of the Launch like a Scientist workshop and I am sharing the 3 things that might be keeping you from success, and how to fix them.

In today’s episode you’ll learn:

  • The goal-setting habit that might actually be hurting you
  • Why I tried to run a half marathon before I ever ran a mile
  • Why your launches are more like a cast-iron skillet than a paper...
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What kind of Launcher are you? Nov 02, 2021

After helping hundreds of online entrepreneurs launch their courses, I have discovered that most people fall into one of these four launch archetypes. In today’s episode, I am breaking down the 4 types of launchers and the core belief that is key to scaling your launches.

In today’s episode you’ll learn:

  • The four launch archetypes, and what factors into them
  • The sneaky belief that is keeping you stuck
  • The core pillars of having a Scientific Mindset
  • And how to...
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How To Save A Launch When It’s Not Going Your Way Nov 02, 2021

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a launch that didn’t go the way you planned? If yes, this blog is for you. Today, I’m going to discuss three specific things that you can do to redirect your energy and save a launch that didn’t go the way you hoped for.

Why ‘Launch Disappointment’ happens and how to avoid it.

The common reaction we get when our launch starts derailing is to panic. This happens because we’ve built an attachment towards our...

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