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Selling Like A Human With Kristen Achziger Nov 02, 2021

This week, I had a conversation with Kristen Achziger about how people who are truly mentally subscribed to your content will seek you out. There are people who don't show up in my feed and I think about what they are up to. I will search their names and consciously and intentionally consume their content. I have innately subscribed because they write with intention and not for content’s sake. 

In this sales culture of manipulative language, a negative view of the marketing...

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Low Ticket Does Not Mean Low Revenue Nov 02, 2021

If you have ever thought that you can't make a lot of money, or you can't be successful because you have a low-ticket business— I highly recommend you read this blog.

I am super passionate about low-ticket businesses, especially because everybody seems to be selling their brands on high-ticket pricing these days. Not to be a hypocrite but I have a high-ticket offer myself. In fact, my signature program on the Launch Fix side of my business is a high-ticket program.

But I also have a...

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How to Launch using the Scientific Method! Nov 01, 2021

Want to learn how to launch without the burnout, overwhelm, and disappointment?

I am hosting a FREE 3 Part Workshop teaching you how to Launch using the Scientific Method!

Want to learn more? Go to to register!

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Leveraging a Podcast in your Launches (even if you don't have a podcast) with Tara Counterman Oct 04, 2021

What if you could leverage the power of a podcast, without the long-term commitment? As a listener of podcasts, you know how powerful they can be in engaging your audience, but most people put off starting one because they are a long game.

On today’s episode, I am sitting down with my friend Tara Counterman, founder of CEOPWR and the creator of the Podfunnel to chat all about the power of podcasting, and how to leverage a podcast in your launches, even if you don’t...

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How to have iPhone level launches Sep 27, 2021

Any time Apple launches, people like up literally around the block to buy! Want to learn how to create Apple Level Launches in your business? Listen up -  I am breaking down the 3 key strategies in their launches that you can do too.


  • How to get people talking before you ever announce your offer
  • The secret strategy behind those “leaks”
  • How to make people want something MORE by making them wait for it 

When you finish...

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