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Low Ticket Does Not Mean Low Revenue

Nov 02, 2021

If you have ever thought that you can't make a lot of money, or you can't be successful because you have a low-ticket business— I highly recommend you read this blog.

I am super passionate about low-ticket businesses, especially because everybody seems to be selling their brands on high-ticket pricing these days. Not to be a hypocrite but I have a high-ticket offer myself. In fact, my signature program on the Launch Fix side of my business is a high-ticket program.

But I also have a low-ticket business model called Impact Driven Coaches. As a result, I see both sides of the coin. I feel like I have the credibility to charge high ticket because of what I have learned in my low-ticket business.

Here’s How It Works:

  • Having a low-ticket business model can be wildly successful!

One of the reasons I see people struggle with a low-ticket business model is that thinking your price is your worth. And we hear this all the time, "You need to price your worth.” But at the end of the day, your price is not about you. Your price is about your ideal client.

  • Pricing is a two-way thing. It's a relationship!

Pricing is an agreement between two people. But if nobody is going to pay that price, you don't have a business. And realizing that your price is a two-way energetic exchange and that it has nothing to do with your worth is powerful. Your price is reflective of the value of your offer to your ideal client.

  • Pricing has nothing to do with your inherent worth as a human being.

We begin to price ourselves out of our industry the moment we believe we’re only worth more if we charge more. We believe that if we don't charge $1,000, we’re not a very successful business owner.

That's when you get into a situation where your ideal clients are unable to afford you. And so you're not making the impact you desire because you're not pricing yourself in a way that's accessible to your ideal clients.  

Final Word
One of the biggest concerns that I hear from people who have a low-ticket business model is that they cannot be successful because they don't charge high ticket prices. Well, I’m here to break it to you that low-ticket does not equal low revenue so don’t ever price yourself out of your industry. 

We go more in-depth into this on episode 52, here is the link to listen to: ‎The Launch Fix Podcast: Low ticket does not mean Low Revenue on Apple Podcasts