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How to find clients who are ready to invest. coaching getting clients money mindset Jul 17, 2019
I spent years SEARCHING for people who had the money to buy my offer, but all I could seem to find were broke people who weren't ready. Most days I couldn't even seem to get them to commit to my FREE stuff!
You too?
I really dug into this and why I was bringing this into my life, and was able to turn it around. I went from struggling to sell something priced at $39 to consistently selling out my $497 offer every month.
Here are the 3 things that changed.
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5 steps to Start Something New Jun 17, 2019

Starting new things can be exciting but also really scary. For a lot of people, that fear of the unknown can keep them from taking action. 

As someone who has started a lot of things, I want to share with you my best tips for getting over the fear and just starting the thing! 

1. Decide

That seems so obvious but really making the decision that you are going to do something is really powerful. How many times have you let something die at wanting to do it? 


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Fearless Podcast Episode 01: Being fearless doesn't mean never being afraid podcast Jun 05, 2019

Listen to the Fearless Podcast wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts, or you can listen here.

Welcome to the Fearless Podcast! We are so glad you are here. In this first episode, you will get an introduction to Jess O’Connell's background and what it means to be fearless.

 A little about Jess:

  • Her first experience receiving public attention brought a lot of fear, so Jess had to learn how to become fearless.
  • She claimed the mantra “I am fearless.”
  • She...
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Fearless Podcast Episode 02: Hack your motivation with Dennis Timpanaro podcast Jun 05, 2019

Listen to the Fearless Podcast wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts, or you can listen here.

Welcome to the Fearless Podcast! In this interview with Dennis Timpanaro we dive in to learning, motivation, and how to become successful.

A little about Dennis:  Dennis has a seemingly endless supply of motivation. He’s an entrepreneur, former world-ranked archer, and founder of GOtivation. Dennis loves meeting new people and is happy to share his crazy life...

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What's keeping you safe is keeping you stuck. Jun 03, 2019

What is keeping you safe? Is it a job you hate that feels stable? A body you don't love, but feels comfortable? Maybe its playing safe in your business because growing is unknown, and that in itself is scary.

We tend to hold tight to the things that make us feel safe, even if they aren't serving us. And often the thing that is keeping us safe, is really keeping us stuck.

This is a realization I came to about 6 months ago. It had been in the back of my mind for a while, not really feeling...

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