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How to find clients who are ready to invest.

coaching getting clients money mindset Jul 17, 2019
I spent years SEARCHING for people who had the money to buy my offer, but all I could seem to find were broke people who weren't ready. Most days I couldn't even seem to get them to commit to my FREE stuff!
You too?
I really dug into this and why I was bringing this into my life, and was able to turn it around. I went from struggling to sell something priced at $39 to consistently selling out my $497 offer every month.
Here are the 3 things that changed.
1. I started talking to the people who were ready to commit, not the ones who were struggling. Look at your messaging. Who are you calling in? The people who are stuck, broke and frustrated? Or the people who are determined, empowered and ready? Chances are, the first one whether you mean to or not. We THINK our ideal clients are the ones who are at the bottom of the hole. The people who NEED our help, but maybe aren't ready to receive it. We speak to their pain, but that's all they can see right now is their problems. They aren't open to solutions.
How can you shift your messaging to speak to someone who is ready? It's all about the words you use. Take a look at one of your recent posts, and ask yourself "Am I speaking to someone in their hole, or someone who has started to climb out?" Then shift the messaging. Drop words like "struggling" and use words like "ready". For example, the subject of this email was "trouble finding people who will pay?". See how that speaks to someone who is stuck? I changed it to "Ready to find people who will pay?" which speaks to a different person. Make sense?
2. I stopped assuming everyone was broke. Do you do this? Assume people can't afford your offer before you even ask them? Maybe thats the energy behind your ask too. You're apologetic for the price, so your energy is reflecting that (I'll get to this in a second). There ARE people who can afford your offer, and you probably already know them. The way I shifted out of this mindset was by noticing evidence of wealth and abundance all around me!
I started paying attention to the nice handbags and luxury cars in my world, and they are e v e r y w h e r e! In fact, its a joke now between my husband and I how we see Mercedes like they are lost pennies on the ground! We can't help but see them everywhere, even tho we live in a middle class part of town. Evidence of wealth is all around us. Everyone can afford what I have to offer. Whether they choose to or not isn't about me. But I approach every sales situation assuming everyone CAN. I dare you to start noticing too. Look for evidence of wealth around you. I bet you will see more than you thought you would.
3. I started believing in my price. This one is huge you guys. When you think something costs more than the value, you push that energy onto everyone who might be interested in it. Subconsciously you are pushing the people who want it away with your lack of belief. You HAVE to get fully behind your prices. They should be a HELL FREAKING YES for YOU. And if they aren't, ask yourself why not. And how you can add value until it is.
If you have an MLM business, you aren't necessarily in control of your prices, but you are in control of the value behind them. Get your mind right, and your value on point, and the price will feel like a "fuck yeah!" and other people will feel the same way.
The people who are ready and excited to work with you ARE out there and with these 3 tips, you will start calling them in in no time.