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The 5 Biggest Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

Jun 07, 2020

I started my business in January 2019, and by Christmas, I had made my first 100K.


They say your first 100K is the hardest and I realized it's because most of us are trying to figure it out as we go.


Here's a quick little breakdown of what my first 11 months looked like:


-I hustled for the first 4 months in my business, throwing spaghetti at the wall, struggling to hit 2K months

-I started to gain traction in my 5th month by implementing a few of the key steps I am going to teach you today

-I hit my stride in my 8th month, hitting consistent 10K+ months since


Today, I am on track now for a high multiple 6 figure year


Along the way, I made a lot of mistakes, and I see so many struggling entrepreneurs like yourself making these same mistakes. 


The good news is, I am going to share them with you, so you know what they are, then I am going to share a training to teach you what to do instead, so you can scale your business to 6 figures and beyond.


Mistake #1 - Lead With Launching

I started my business this way too.  I see so many coaches teaching you to launch like it's the holy grail of business growth. When leading with the launch you are doing things completely backwards. I call this spaghetti launching: throwing offers at the wall and hoping something will stick.  It's a sure way to get frustrated, burnt-out and broke.

It wasn't until I took a pause, stopped launching and did things the other way that I started to see success.


Mistake #2 - Creating Content Without A North Star

Content is KING!  Just keep creating content.  Keep putting yourself out there.  Create the content your audience wants.  Heard any of these before?  Truth is, your content is useless if you don't have a North Star.  Your North Star is your own signature methodology, meaning your content should magnetize your ideal clients to your offer.  If you're wonder or asking "Why am I not finding my ideal clients?!?!?!" THIS IS WHY!


Mistake #3 - Trying To Do It All

Listen up... CEO does not stand for Chief of EVERYTHING.  In those first 4 months of my business, I was doing EVERYTHING.  In the 5th month, I hired a VA.  In the 8th month, I hired a coach.  I invested in accordance to my needs.  

There is nothing noble about trying to figure it all out yourself. Duct tape Pinterest Business Strategy never made anyone a millionaire.  You wouldn't go to a library to get a free college education, so why would you expect to learn how to run a profitable business from free content?


Mistake #4 - Hustling Your Way To Burnout

I'll be honest, I was addicted to the hustle; working long hours, ignoring my family, launching (and hoping this one would be different) every month.  Wondering how the heck am I going to scale if it's just MORE of this.  I didn't want more of THIS.

We are raised to believe that the harder we work, the more successful we will be.  So when we start a business, we think hard work and hustle are the key to success.  If that were tru, every weekend warrior and burnt-out boss would be running a million dollar business.  But you know that's not true.


Think of it this way: you can dig a hole with a tiny playground shovel, working hard and for long hours only to get a medium sized hole.  Or you can get an excavator and move more dirt with less effort. Which do you think million dollar business owners use?


Mistake #5 - Chasing What Other Entrepreneurs Are Doing

"OMG so and so just launched a program about launching, I need to do that.". "OH, now they are creating a course about instagram, I should totally do that."  Chasing what other people are doing is going to keep you from finally catching success.  You started a business to make a difference, to stand up for the change you want to see.  You won't find that on the coat tails of other people.

You do have a purpose, you do have something to say, and you are worthy of saying it out loud. The only difference between you and the successful coaches you follow is that they had they believed in the power of their message. 


You might be sitting here thinking “crap, I am totally doing that” to more than a few of those. And the good news is, that now you know, and I am going to tell you how to fix it. 


After making all the mistakes I just listed (and a lot more) I discovered the 7 key steps to go from burnt-out boss to stand-out ceo.


I'll see you in the training.