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How I leverage both Live Launches and Evergreen Funnels (a debrief)

debrief launching Aug 29, 2022

Did you know that you can live launch and evergreen launch the same program.

I know! All the launch gurus tell you not to- but I like to break rules. 

In fact, back in 2019, after having a successful live launch, I asked my mentor exactly that. "So now I put it on evergreen, right?"

"NO" he said. "It will ruin your live launch results! And selling your course after the launch will put you out of integrity!"

Weird, but ok.

Then, I had a few people ask if they could still join after the doors closed... and I couldn't find a good reason to say no.

Sure, he said I wouldn't be "of my word" anymore, but why did I have a deadline in the first place? To bully people into making a decision on my timeline?

Seems fishy. I let them in.


Just kidding. Nothing bad happened. They went through the course. They got amazing results. I realized his rules were bullshit. It was a win/win/win.

And that was when I decided that the rules are a lie, and I get to decide what works for me. And what works for me (and my audience) is letting people join the course when THEY are ready.

Now don't get me wrong, I do believe in structure, like having a conversion mechanism and email sequence, but we all know that evergreen doesn't mean "throw it on your website and pray" anyway.

And now, almost 4 years after that fateful day, I STILL sell that SAME program (its been revamped since then, don't worry) on evergreen AND live launches. And it works beautifully.

I recently ran that launch live, and the results really do speak for themselves. 

(prefer to listen? Check out episode 100 of the podcast)


A few things to note:

This is a DIY style course. I have a facebook group for students, but there is no live coaching element (at the moment). So it really doesn't matter if you decide to join in December or June because the content is the same.

I also have a really well tested, high converting launch mechanism. A launch mechanism is a training or series of trainings designed to create demand for your offer, and MAKE that offer. This can be a webinar, a challenge, a workshop, etc. The important part is the demand making part.

Lastly, I have this launch mechanism on evergreen most of the year. Meaning new leads are coming into my funnel, and watching this training, all year long. Which also means that most people on my list have SEEN my offer. Meaning they KNOW my program, and the price. This is important.

Let's get into the pre-launch numbers!

So with this live launch, I turned my normal evergreen ads over to the live training link. So for about 10 days, instead of opting into my evergreen training, they were opting into my LIVE training. Over those 10 days, I spent $1,482.20 on Facebook and IG ads. I am not new to running ads, especially not to this audience, so this yielded me 165 leads. While that is a $8.89 CPL (cost per lead) I was able to make some of that back immediately by leveraging a VIP upgrade Tripwire.

If none of those words sounded like english, thats ok. I remember feeling like I was learning a whole new language when I started launching my online courses.

Immediately after registering for the free training, I give them a chance to become a VIP for $29. This includes some benefits and bonuses, and in this launch, 29 of those leads upgraded. That resulted in $841 in sales before the launch even started (bonus!) and helped set off my ad spend. 9.7% of people who opted into the challenge became VIPs! 

For the $29, I gave them:

  • Chance to win program
  • Access to recordings of the 5 days
  • Bonus masterclass

 Not too shabby!

I also had 132 people who were already on my list opt in, for a total launch lead list of 297.

Let's talk about the Launch Mechanism!

In this launch, I used a Hybrid Challenge Launch- a new launch mechanism I invented after feeling frustrated with the existing options. A Hybrid Challenge is like the tur-duck-en of launches. Its part workshop, part 5 day challenge, part webinar, and all amazingness.

I actually taught the whole strategy (including VIP upgrade) for just $197- you can snag it here!

So the 5 day challenge was 5 days of live trainings inside my facebook group, accompanied by 5 emails that week, and a week of emails after that. I have found this strategy works really well for my audience. They are newer to online courses, so the 5 days build MAD trust, but also really highlight the gap in what they are experiencing vs what they really want. It hits the sweet spot of feeling valuable AND leaving them wanting more and actually buying my course.

Just tell me how the launch went already!

Okay okay!

So out of the 297 leads, 75 people purchased my program! Woo! Its a $297 program (even the payment plans add up to $297). That is a 8.4% conversion rate! "Industry standard" conversion rates tend to be in the 1-3% range so 8% is great.

as a side note- who the heck decided the industry standard? Some bro marketers who weren't committed to serving their audience and just making sales? ugh. I don't believe in industry standards. Its far more valuable to test YOUR offer and YOUR audience, and determine YOUR standard. 8.4% is in line with MY standards.

Here is where it gets really fun!

The VIP offer converted to course sales at 52%! Meaning 52% of the people who became a VIP bought the course! AMAZING! (this is also on par with our past launches, so its our "standard". This accounted for 15 sales!

ALSO of the 75 people who purchased, 25 of them came from those ads, they were new leads, and 50 of them came from past leads. Meaning they went through my evergreen funnel first.

SUCK IT MARKETING GURU! Those 50 people bought the SECOND time they saw my offer! 

This is HUGE. Those people were even more primed to buy because they saw the offer in the past, and had the chance to think about their decision before they had to buy! They were able to make a more informed decision, and joined when THEY were ready. Not just because the doors closed.

Imagine how many people in your audience have seen your offer, but didn't buy the first time. And how many of them might be ready to buy now, because you gave them a second chance? Its staggering!

Let's also tall about the upsell!

I just want to say I don't leave money on the table when I launch. I have a pre-sell (the VIP), the primary offer (the course) and an upsell (a monthly membership) to really make the most of my efforts. Upsells have the power to increase lifetime customer value, and always increase average cart value.

In this launch, I had 23 people add the upsell, which is 31%! This added $30/mo in revenue. 

Show me the money!

So this launch yielded $23,359 in total revenue. Revenue is a projected number, and includes the VIP $841, the 75 course sales, and 23 upsells valued at just $30. I don't count money that I haven't been contracted, and the membership is month to month. This is different than a payment plan where they have agreed to pay the full amount.

Cash in hand received was $10,369.

Taking into account the ad spend, we had a total profit of $21,876.80!


My biggest takeaways.

Some people need to see your offer more than once to buy. And showing your offer to them early won't stop them from buying for you. If anything, it will help them become a more informed buyer.

Don't be afraid to try things, even when someone who has a lot more money than you tells you not to do it.

It is always better to figure that out for yourself.

I hope this breakdown was helpful! If you want to see more debriefs like this, Dm me on IG and let me know! I'd love to chat!