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How to Sell like Chick-fil-a

podcast Feb 14, 2020

Giving free value feels really good to me. It makes sales easy and fun, plus it gives people a taste, before inviting them to buy the sandwich. 


So how do you avoid someone standing outside asking for more and more free nuggets? 

You don’t. But you have to trust that at some point, when that person is ready, they will buy the sandwich. And if not, you at least made a difference for them, and that is enough. 


Since you don’t have a literal chicken restaurant (or maybe you do, no judgment) how do you do this? 

-Give nuggets of value for free with content

-Free trainings like webinars of 3 day challenges

-live streams

-Youtube, podcast, etc


This value packed content not only establishes you as an authority, it builds trust and helps people know and like you (the 3 must haves in a sales relationship). 

Ask yourself these questions:

- What does my ideal client need to see to know me, like me and trust me?

-What are their biggest struggles I can help solve?

-What some baby steps I can serve up to help them get started or at least warm up to the idea?


There are 3 different types of valuable content: post content (to build know/like/trust and get in front of your ideal client), Free sample content (meant to build authority, whet their appetite, and qualify them as ideal clients), and sales content that presents your solution as the best solution.


Your value should not be less valuable than your premium content, it should just be less quantity of it. Chick-fil-a don’t give you less quality nuggets, just a smaller piece and invite you to try the sandwich. Your delicious juicy value content should always present an opportunity to buy the sandwich. Without the sandwich, your content has no value. The opportunity to purchase gives the content value but you don’t want to fall into the trap of JUST giving free value with no opportunity to work with you. 


So how do you not give too much away for free? Your program/ coaching is the highest form of value, like a live, in-person cooking demonstration. For 1:1, this is a private cooking class- so much more access to you, live, ability to ask questions, hands on.

Let's say you are teaching them how to bake cookies. Your small pieces of information are the ingredients. If they stuck around long enough, could they collect enough information to put it together and maybe make cookies? Sure. You can go DEEP on the ingredients without giving away the recipe. You could spend a whole week talking about chocolate chips. What kind of chocolate chips are the best, how many to use, where to buy the best chocolate chips, how chocolate chips are made, etc? All of that is valuable, without giving away the cookie recipe, or walking them through how to make them.


I hope this has helped you shift your mindset around sales and start giving more value packed content!