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Holding Space For Your Audience

podcast Jul 16, 2020

A couple weeks I sat down and chatted with Renae Fieck, my fellow BBD alumni sister.

During our talk, we touched on our own personal journey of joining BBD and Ranae really hit the nail on the head with something she said.

I thought it was a really important reminder for any entrepreneur who's wondering when they're going to have their "moment".

Ranae admitted that she was following James Wedmore for a long time (almost 4 years) before she actually bit the bullet and invested with him.

She wasn't quite sure what happened but she explained that "something clicked" before his cart opened on year 4.

She was ready and didn't really care how much it cost, she told her husband she needed to do it.

Which led to the amazing AH-HA moment for me:

"I love that you followed him forever and went through multiple launches, because I feel like, as a business owner, we have people on our list who go through our launches, that never buy. And we kind of mentally give up on them, right? We're like, "Okay, well they're never going to buy.

But time and time again, I've been the same person. I've gone to someone's launch multiple times before I finally said, "Yes." And I think that we really have to remember to hold space for those people who just need to hear it one more time."


How many times have you done a launch and thought "what the heck, why aren't people buying this?"

You see, Ranae was the kind of girl that went through 4 launches with James and did his free series each one of those times.

It took her FOUR rounds to finally pull the trigger.

I love what she said:

"I've noticed, now that I've launched as many times as I've launched, and people have bought. And I'll sometimes get really curious and click on their email, and see what they've been tagged with in the past.

And, "Oh my gosh, this person's been following me, and a part of what I've done for the last three years, but she's just now buying." So realizing that just showing up for those people over and over again, and like you said, having that space, and having that grace, and knowing that I have been that person too.

Doesn't mean that what I'm doing is bad or not good enough. It just means it wasn't the right timing for them."

And there it is.

It's really about removing yourself from the outcome and realizing that if you're here to serve, the people will come when they are ready.

When we come from a place of service, we are holding space for the right time.

I don't know about you, but when I make a decision out of alignment, I don't completely get what I need from it.

And when it comes to my clients, I want them to have the best outcome from my services.

So I continue to hold space until they are ready.

I keep adding value to their lives until my offer becomes a no-brainer for them.

If I have people following me for 3-4 years, I'm obviously doing something right.

And if I follow the truth of my motto- MY SUCCESS IS INEVITABLE - I know it will come.

So here's a friendly reminder to HOLD SPACE for your audience and your community.

Don't take things personally and keep showing up as though your launches have sold out every time.

I can promise you with that attitude, they will be sold out in no time!

XO Jess

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