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The Secret Ingredient to Offers that Convert

podcast May 14, 2021

Even before Apple computers were cool, my family was already an Apple enthusiast. I was able to attend the launch of the original iMAC in 1997. I even had Steven Jobs as my inspiration for our project in 6th grade.

Despite not being the first or the biggest player in the game at that time, Apple has become the juggernaut in their industry. How and why?

Well, I believe that there are 5 key ingredients in an Aligned Offer. If you are ready to hear the good news, read on!

Why your offers aren’t converting

When you are drafting an offer, how did you envision it to be?

Did you just create the offer based on what is in demand today even if it doesn’t sound like you? How do you feel about other people’s situation? How is your experience with anyone, especially dealing with their personality in addition to their problems?

How do you connect with other people?

Well, here’s one thing I see struggling course creators skip: the positioning. Positioning is the thing that sets you apart. It creates desire and demand for working with you and for your program. If you are missing this thing, you just won’t see the conversions you want.

How do you position yourself to see real conversions?

What Apple has that might be what we lack is positioning. If we follow how Apple position themselves and win the game, we might be able to see conversions with our offers:

  • Position yourself as the expert
    • Authority building content
    • Connection Content
    • Perspective shifting content
  • Position your program as the solution to their problem
    • The bridge
    • Your methodology
    • Proof
  • Position your solution as the best
    • Address alternatives
    • What makes you stand out
    • How is your way faster, easier, better
  • Positioning is a key ingredient in offers that convert

You don’t have to learn all of them over the night. Slowly but surely, you will be able to learn all the positioning and master them in no time.

I got more in-depth into these secret ingredients on my podcast. Listen to the full episode here. There I am going to share what exactly positioning is, and how to infuse it into your offer to supercharge your conversions and get your program into the hands of the people you help.

If you want to increase your conversion rate, you don’t want to miss this!