$197.00 USD

Launching By Design

Launching by Design is a program designed to teach you how to leverage your unique Human Design in your launches and marketing. You will learn how to apply your Type, Strategy, Profile and Authority when marketing yourself and your offers.

You will walk away from this program with the tools to get into energetic alignment with your launches. You will have the actionable steps to apply the sometimes overwhelming or confusing system of Human Design to your launches.

What will I learn?

  • How to pull your human design chart, to learn more about your energetic blueprint.
  • Why its important to get into energetic alignment with your launches.
  • What your Type and Strategy mean about how you should show up in your launches and business.
  • How to tap into your unique energy during your launches, to get maximum results
  • How to use your authority to make aligned decisions about your business.
  • How to identify your marketing superpowers, and leverage them in your business
  • And how to apply this to your business