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Is your launch style leaving half your audience behind?

May 10, 2022

If you are only live launching or only selling your program on evergreen, you might be leaving out half of your audience from joining your program. On today's episode, I'm going to be diving into the two different types of decision makers you have in your audience. And how quantum launch system is the key to serving both of them.

I have been a student and a teacher of human design for about three years now. And it really started with like a self discovery journey and then turned into a rabbit hole that I just could not stop diving into. And inside my programs, I talk a lot about energetic alignment and about like launching according to your own human design. But on today's episode, I'm going to be talking about human design in a different way than I've talked about it before. If you're not familiar with human design, human design, is a system of self exploration and self differentiation.

If you’ve never heard of human design, I recommending hitting up Google ASAP, finding a place where you can get your chart, and look at your authority. That's what we're going to be talking about on today's episode. Something you've probably realized at this point in your life is that not everybody in the world is created the same, right? We all have different values, we have different motivators, and we all have different decision making processes. And that's where human design is so valuable in this understanding. Not only understanding your own human design, but also understanding other people's human design and understanding how you relate to other people. In this specific instance, I'm talking about your audience, and understanding how your audience's Human Design impacts you and has a part to play in the way that you are marketing.

So we tend to think that we make decisions from our mind, right? We make logical decisions, I need a pro con chart, I make decisions from your head. That's not actually true. Humans make decisions from a different place in their energy center. And people make decisions differently. So in human design, there's five Main Categories of authorities, The biggest one is emotional authority, 47% of the population has what's called emotional authority, and the way that emotional authority works is that you have to like ride this wave of emotions. I was actually talking to my sister about this, and she's emotional authority, and she was like, “Oh, my God, yes, this resonates with me so much.” So emotional authority, is immediately after hearing something that you must decide on, and if you took that information and decided to launch to that specific person, it would probably change the way you’re launching. For an emotional authority, the launch that speaks to them would most likely be your traditional cart open/close launch.

The same goes for something like self authority, which 4% of the population possess. this is somebody who needs to talk it out, that authority needs to hear it through their ears, in order to process the decision, they can't just think about it, they need to write it out, they need to talk it out, they need to hear it or see it from themselves in order to make that decision. That person is worlds away from the emotional authroity who makes quick decisons based on gut feeling. So someone with self authority is much better suited for an evergreen or more longer term styled launch. At the end of the day, discovering the different types of people and how they make decisions is half the battle - the other half is figuring out how you’re going to shape your marketing to cater to it.

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